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Newsletter 9th August 2020

The 'I'll wear a mask but not over my nose' edition

Yeah, so I was thinking of selling my house and buying a van...

First the good news, working from home won't last forever, and companies are already preparing for your return. Which is just as well really, because working from home seems to involve more, well, work. Some people are already back at their desks and want to share their experiences.

Some free advice:

  • If you're thinking of just driving around in an RV forever - don't!

  • If you're thinking of packing it all in because you don't like Zoom - don't!

  • If you think work will now be a democratic paradise - don't!

Some problems you might face back in the office:

C is for cookie and that good enough for me

Some interesting developments in social media business models. 'Influencers' are looking for 'subscribers'. And the Dutch have discovered that content is the best way to target adverts, not your dubious browsing history. Still, countering the tsunami of nonsense isn't that simple.

Vlady Hell

It has become a matter of national pride for Putin that Russia is first with a Corona vaccine. This might be a bad thing.

Among other impacts of the virus are a baby bust which will be bad for the stock market, and damaged eyes due to 'computer vision syndrome'. Oh well, if it's a syndrome it must be true.

This is driving some people mad, like those that watch TV about whisky, and those that watch cornhole. (I haven't dared to check what it is but it is but it seems to involve beanbags.)

A cruise round the Eastern Med

First stop is Turkey, where Erdogan continues to pit his heterodox economics against the markets.

Then onto Lebanon which has taken another step away from its one-time romantic image.

And finally Egypt, which has an issue with its water supply.

Air quality pop quiz

OK, quick, name three things adversely affected by air pollution.

If your list doesn't include stock trader performance, or the sophistication of political speeches, or the accuracy of baseball umpires decisions then go to the bottom of the class.

Things to avoid. And how to avoid them.

If you want to avoid killing yourself there will soon be a nasal spray to get rid of those urges.

If you want to avoid moral insanity make sure your room is well ventilated.

If you want to avoid being eaten by a lion paint an eye on your butt.

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