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Newsletter 22nd November 2020

The "I thought we asked you to leave?" edition

“I’m sorry, you’re just not unattractive enough.”

You know that person spouting nonsense and chucking out stupid ideas in meetings, come on we all do, or maybe you are them. Anyway, it turns out they/you are good for the team. Even stupid ideas help focus attention on the good ones. Maths says it so it must be true.

If you work from home you’ll get a pay cut. Or maybe you’ll get to work near home, which sounds more trouble than it’s worth for all concerned. As always the conclusion is people want to have their cake and eat it too.

The big question is will working from home blunt the advantage really ugly people have?

“Bend your knees when you land. It’s for your own good.”

Covid, it’s all about the risk, innit? We are all experts on statistics and probabilities these days. So what are the risks where you live? Here’s a tool to tell you.

These kids are more likely to die from a knock on the head than Covid.

They need to get Paddington back there to sort them out…

What is going on in Peru? One president is out after six days, somebody else is prepared to give it a go. It turns out Merino was a bit woolly (sorry).

Erdogan’s “Meddling and Stirring Up Trouble Tour 2020" hits Cyprus.

Americans aren’t the only ones with a new leader, Al-Qaida has one too. Their transition is less troubled.

Here’s a depressing tale of Lebanon’s descent into chaos.

And Macron has a Gallic hissy-fit about the Anglo-Saxon media. He should just shrug it off.

Innovation or Disruption, which is best?

We are told it is the key to future economic prosperity, so which countries are the most innovative?

Is the 15-minute city the right urban innovation?

Here’s an innovative way to avoid tariffs on aeroplanes.

It’s like it doesn’t make any sense at all, Charlie Brown

Hooray! Apple is cutting fees in its app store. Boo! It’s not good enough.

Hooray! Apple is giving us back Charlie Brown. Surely, that is an incontrovertibly good thing?

Is Ray Dalio saying what you are thinking?

“Help! My Dad’s a conspiraloon”

People who have heard of QAnon and are concerned about it seem to far outnumber people who actually believe it, which might be typical of lots of things these days where bogeymen are created by the opposition more than by supporters. But then again, would true-believers answer these deep state questions honestly?

More advice for those who find themselves with a conspiracy theorist in their midst.

And some tips on how to avoid falling for conspiratorial messaging, or exploit it, if you want to be cynical.

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