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Newsletter 6th December 2020

The "Is there less news these days?" edition

“What noise in the background?”

Finally, the secret is out. After all the guff about the psychological and productivity benefits of working at home, it’s just as we’ve always suspected: people are just watching more TV.

Meanwhile rural communities are terrified of being flooded by refugees…from urban centres who want a cheaper place to WFH.

Proving the bloody obvious is still in vogue in academia. Apparently being able to casually chat with colleagues is a good thing.

With all that TV to watch have you ever dreamed of having a personal assistant to take care of those really irritating tasks, but you couldn’t afford a butler? Well, now you can.

Mother knows best

It’s easy to forget that there are strongmen even within the EU. However, strongwoman Mutti has a plan to deal with them.

Things are never easy for Iran and the transition in the US is a particularly fraught time, but the regime is surprisingly resilient.

Australia gives the one finger to the nine grievances.

Ever wondered what it is like to live and operate within the bureaucracy of a totalitarian state?

"Excuse me, the line starts back there..."

If you’re American you might like to know when you are likely to be vaccinated. [Spoiler: you’ll probably need to be patient.]

Please don't say it's blockchain

A small step on the road to central bank digital currencies?

People have such short memories...

Big energy is now renewable energy. And if that seems earlier than you expected there’s a reason for that.

Meanwhile as far as hydrogen is concerned it’s like the Hindenburg disaster never happened.

"They're OK but I prefer a nice Bob Ross"

It’s been a tough year, but this shows there is still magic in the world, in fact it’s all around us for those with eyes to see.

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