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Newsletter 7th June 2020

The 'Statue-toppling' edition

Everybody was kung fu fighting

Global pandemic, economic collapse, race riots - how could things get any worse? How about conflict between the world's two most populous nations? Well at the moment they are limiting it to a bit of wrestling on the border.

In more cooperative news, China may be preparing to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But what if it is just a cunning plan to enable the spread of its own cryptocurrency?

But I miss you most of all my darling when autumn leaves start to fall

Putin is having some problems with his plans for world domination but his friend Donald would just love to see him in DC in the autumn when this damn crazy virus is all over.

Other G7 members aren't so enamoured of Vlad.

Crisis? What crisis?

A quick round up of our authoritarian friends:

Events this week suggest that Libya may not be about to become the new Syria after all.

Despite almost a decade of civil war and foreign powers still vying for influence on his territory, Assad is getting down to a bit of old-fashioned family feuding as he prepares for his apparently inevitable continuation in power.

But what is crazy Jair up to I hear you ask. Well he's struck on a genius plan to counter criticism of Brazil's atrocious response to the coronavirus - just refuse to reveal the statistics. Problem solved!

We can't drink it...

Oil has recovered from it's headline-grabbing antics of a few weeks ago but there is still work to do in stabilising the market.

If you are one of those people who can't live without a commodity crisis then gas may have you covered.

However there continue to be a drip-drip (no pun intended) of stories suggesting the most vital commodity of all may be where real future problems lie.

The peasants are revolting

In 2012 Romney wrote off the "48%" that don't pay taxes. In 2016 Clinton identified 'the deplorables'. Now Biden has taken a swipe at a minority of the population. Romney and Clinton lost.

Hopes continue to, if not flourish at least appear, that recent events may trigger the demise of Trump.

Whoever wins they may want to look at making rich people pay their taxes. Or maybe not.

We're going to need a bigger office

Commercial real estate agents terrified by the rise of working from home received some good news. Those of us who do go back to working in offices will have to stay so far way from each other more space will be needed rather than less.

The new world of work which we are told is here to stay may raise a whole new set of issues in work place disputes.

A dog? You don't deserve a dog!

If you think a puppy might be the kind of companion you need in these lonely times then you may have problems finding one, affording one and being deemed worthy of one.

And finally, this week brought news that these guys have finally been able to return home. Just spare a thought for their hosts.

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