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Newsletter 6th September 2020

The "Buckle up, it's going to be a rough two months" edition

Oh it's very quiet, just me and the mold...

For once this is actually quite a thoughtful article on the pros and cons of working from home. Particularly amusing is the suggestion that those at home might be at a disadvantage in Zoom meetings due to signal lags. If that doesn't get people back in the office nothing will.

Office design may offer a new opportunity for petty office politics depending on whether you get to work in the hub with all the important people or are consigned to one of the satellite locations.

Somebody in Japan thinks this hellish cardboard box is the future of work.

And if you are going back into the office, be sure to be on the lookout for mold.

Actually my monkey has something to hide too...

Unexpected new additions to the list of shortages as a result of Covid include monkeys and hot dogs.

More seriously (OK, not for the monkeys) and more tragically, food can also be added to the list, not because there isn't enough but because people can't get it.

Vlad medicine

More good news for Vlad as the vaccine he has been pushing on his daughter amongst others has performed well in the latest round of trials.

Hopefully the drug is safer than the tea in Russia. If you've wondered why Vlad is so fond of poison this piece attempts to provide an answer.

I'd rather freeze than buy power from that man

Apple is delaying its proposal to stop the other tech giants stalking you on the internet.

Tesla may be providing another opportunity to demonstrate your love/hate (delete as applicable) for Elon Musk by entering the European energy market.

China has worked out a way to stymie Trump's assault on TikTok by withholding what we are seemingly obliged to call 'the secret sauce'.

Amazon have reduced their drivers to hanging phones from trees in a crude replication of high frequency trading. If this is a vision of the future it's not pleasant.

Bad Medi Scene

Things continue to develop in the Eastern Mediterranean. The US is getting involved, and the Russians are exercising.

Macron's posturing in Lebanon has a long history.

And further east the Chinese and Indians are at it again.

You can spray that again!

Bad news for the notoriously monoglot British, as speaking English might increase your chance of getting the virus.

Time for a change?

Finally a podcast recommendation. This isn't necessarily revelatory and there are some debatable points, but it makes an interesting case in simple terms. (Apologies for the squeaky American accents.)

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