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Newsletter 15th November 2020

The 'maybe we can just keep our separate realities' edition

"I'll be back in tomorrow!"

Turmoil in the pro-WFH lobby as suggestions are made that it should be taxed! This is looking at the gradual change in income distribution in the longer term rather than the rather drastic one going on now.

If hunches are all that's required I'd have applied...

I have a hunch Christine doesn’t really know what she’s talking about but has to say something.

Looking for somewhere to try out your payments app? Why not turn to a country mired in political gridlock and economic destruction.

Could this newsletter have been written using AI? Probably.

Another one for the “I bet it’s not actually blockchain” file.

"Yes hello, I'm calling on behalf of the UK government"

China has successfully corralled 15 countries into the world’s largest trade bloc.

Meanwhile Australia has demonstrated the pitfalls of resisting Chinese clout.

So how will it all look in 30 years time? (Standard of living not pictured.)

If only we could make bacon from them

Switzerland is the latest country to experience the twisting evolution of the virus and policy responses.

The mink of Denmark have a partial reprieve as attempts to destroy them hit political obstacles.

You say 90% success with your vaccine? We say 92%! If someone says it’s not a competition, it’s a competition.

Stick that on your fridge on a post-it

Peru descends into crisis after the president is impeached. Then again, they have some form.

Pop quiz: who said ““It’s not a victory. But there’s no defeat unless you consider yourself to be the loser.” No, it wasn’t Trump but the prime minister of Armenia signing up to a peace plan.

There is no error unless you consider yourself to be wrong

QAnon may be showing Covid a thing or two about mutating to survive. (This article gets extra points for a wholly spurious blockchain analogy.)


More evidence that western civilization doesn’t deserve to survive.

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