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Newsletter 4th October 2020

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The "Whatever next!" edition

Are we...the baddies?

It would seem unnecessary given it’s amazing popularity, but authorities are looking at forcing people to work from home – forever! Those of us that do go back to the office need to make sure we are given enough space. However, that won’t solve the problem of untrustworthy colleagues. Apparently, the cause there is that financial services attracts untrustworthy people.

There may be more stories about people working nomadically than people actually doing it. I’m not sure I’d employ anyone with the woeful organizational skills documented here.

Caucasus Belli

Geopolitical flashpoints seem to have a recurring pattern these days: Russia and Turkey will be involved, often by proxy, and Macron will be trying to ‘assert influence’. The latest conflict in the Caucasus is no exception. If you’ve no idea what it’s about, this may help.

Hey Christine 👍😉

Got some strong opinions about central bank digital currencies? Now’s your chance to let Christine hear them. She reads every letter, we hear.

In these troubled times it is reassuring to know that someone is in charge of emojis.

It’s also a comforting reminder of more innocent times that 2020 still has room for a vague ‘blockchain technology’ claim.

It seems the real danger of the Internet of Things is a sort of hi-tech poltergeist.

Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain

Evidence is mounting that the person behind the internet conspiracy factory which is threatening the very basis of US democracy is a pig farmer in the Philippines.

If you do find yourself engaged in discussion with an acolyte, this may prove useful.

Well, it's a bit late now!

It’s about insurance so inevitably this piece is not without its boring moments, but it also has some interesting parts.

Folklore isn’t all about the past, it’s happening all the time. Maybe you’ve done it yourself.

If you’re the kind of person who is willing to spend 85 bucks on a virtual tour of Prague, then frankly you’re beyond redemption. But you might find this interesting.

After the age of Covid, the age of Crovid?

Trump will have to wait till next year for his chance to win a Nobel, but this year they may spite him by awarding it to fake news.

And while the human world tears itself apart, the crows are waiting to take over.

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