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Newsletter 31st May 2020

The 'Watching the world burn' edition

Maybe the truth should just sleep with its boots on

So successful have Russian attempts to use social media to disrupt other countries been, it's suggested the Chinese want a piece of that action. It's an election year in the US so the Russians are gearing up to outdo themselves.

But let's not kid ourselves these dark arts are the preserve of dictators or other countries or indeed governments.

Saudi Vision

Have you heard about 2030 vision? No, me neither. But it's all the rage on the Arabian peninsula. It might help if they dropped their obsession with buying arms for no real end.

Back to the future

Before there was only one thing going on, there were lots of things going. Some of them are still things.

Brexit, that 's still a thing, though the UK may be trying to pretend otherwise.

Surprisingly enough, Bitcoin is still a thing and its devotees are as thin-skinned as ever

More worryingly ISIS are still around and shifting focus to Africa.

Reports of the demise of globalisation may be premature, and if jobs do return they may not be for human hands.

Away Huawei away

Huawei's CFO is still struggling to avoid extradition to the US but the Canadians aren't being helpful. This may also be an opportune time for the UK to go back on it's commitment to allow the company a role in its communication network.

Out of sight, out of mind

Life will never be the same in the City and it stinks. Others are less impressed with this brave new world and are sticking to the old ways.

And a word to the wise before you decide you're never commuting again. You might have to bin your ambition along with your travel pass

There is no f***ing substitute

And finally, boffins have proven that swearing can do you good, but it's got to be a real swear. Flippin' 'eck!

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