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Newsletter 30th August 2020

The 'What do you mean I've got it again?' edition

Give me a cubicle or give me death!

Still no let-up in the stream of articles about working from home. Here is what 'we' have learnt from it, and here is what to do if it has meant you didn't get a raise this year.

Contrary to some reports, what WTF hasn't done is lead to the demise of the suit, or at least not quite. Some of us, OK you, still have the class (and the money) to rise above polo shirts and shorts.

Scientists have finally worked out why people do bad things at work, but not how to stop them.

If staring at the wall in your spare room has you contemplating your own mortality, you might want to seek solace in the philosophy of Epicurus.

Some day I'll get round to throwing all this old data out

Apple has backed down in its spat with WordPress, but is still at war with Fortnite. It's also opening up another front as it seeks to stop Facebook stalking you around cyberspace.

However, these are but storms in teacups, as we are either going to end up being shoved aside as the entire planet becomes data storage, or be absorbed into some complex digital/analogue hyperintelligence.

While you are waiting for that to happen, here is a fun way to discover that the Chinese army is building large scale models of the border with India.

With friends like this...

Vlad is finding it hard to avoid supporting his fellow "strongman" in Belarus, but is the geopolitical chessmaster making a terrible mistake?

If, like me, you find it hard to think of more than three things about Belarus, here is a short history.

Well I suppose you're happy now

Pop quiz: Who's happier, men or women? That's right, women!

Probably even more so now more of them are able to study French literature in Paris.

I'm not stressed, I'm just in a bad moo-d

The latest market to go nuts because of Corona is, well, nuts.

And the cows are being driven nuts by the heat, meaning less milk.

Scientists are hard at work in the fight against the murder hornet, which sounds like a very bad kind of hornet so we wish them luck.

Hot property

If you are well-off then you probably live in a cooler part of town, and not just figuratively cooler, literally cooler, much cooler!

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