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Newsletter 27th September 2020

The "At least the football is back" edition

I'd rather be crushed against sweaty blokes in a train

More than a third of Americans working from home used the time saved from not commuting to…do more work! That may change the minds of sceptical management.

One man who isn’t sceptical is Tim Cook. But then he was impressed by a Kickstarter shower I bought and it was rubbish, so what does he know?

Anyway, McKinsey has spoken so we can all go home. Not literally, it’s a figure of speech.

Dumb animals and dumbbells, and dogs

Dogs continue to be highly sought-after and in short supply.

And we have a new Covid-related shortage, dumbbells. No, really.

"All of it?", "Yes, all of it."

The press, even parts of it that should know better, is excited by evidence suggesting banks are continuing to, at best, turn a blind eye to money laundering. Others don’t think the story is quite as exciting as it seems. And some don’t think it is exciting at all, and that the banks are being traduced. Maybe all financial regulators should adopt the Swedish approach to keeping a lid on these things.

Don't let the door poke your virtual ass on the way out

Bringing to mind the ‘Is that a promise or a threat?’ jibe from the school playground, Facebook may have to depart Europe.

If you’ve ever wanted a detailed breakdown of the cuts that online platforms take, then today is your lucky day.

The murky world of Amazon reviews is getting murkier and murkier, and more lucrative by the sounds of it.

When can I start, yesterday?

Now this is the kind of appeal to help a country on the verge of economic collapse that we can get behind.

EU win again?

Wouldn’t it be funny if after all the geopolitical machinations of Trump, China and Vlad, it was the maligned old EU that emerged ahead of the game? This guy thinks it will, and while his view might be a bit rose-tinted, at least it’s a different perspective from all the gloom. If the EU is to triumph, this is the woman who will have a large part in it.

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