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Newsletter 26th April 2020

A selection of the finest stories from the week

OK, but apart from the Corona crisis...

Oil be back?

Black gold? Suddenly you couldn't give it away. But for some retail investors the unprecedented volatility seemed a perfect time to risk their life savings. Are they mad?

Maybe Trump's not so crazy

The EU took a belated leaf out of Trump's playbook as it bridled at ham-fisted Chinese attempts to manipulate public perception of the corona virus. At the same time it took steps to protect European companies from being snapped up at bargain prices by entities outside the bloc,

From Vlad to worse

It was a bad week for geopolitical mastermind and four-dimensional chess player Vladimir Putin. Russia's fledgling middle-class is unhappy with the meagre bailout he's been able to afford. And his carefully laid plans may unravel further.

It's not easy being green

Stories about the Rhine drying up to a trickle seem to be an annual occurrence these days. And extreme weather is likely to prolong that tradition. Elsewhere the race is on to develop an effective mask for burping cows.

Authoritarian round-up

The inevitable mystery and rumour surround the health of Kim Jong-un after he failed to fulfill official engagements. At the time of writing officially he is still alive.

In Brazil Bolsonaro continues to lose key officials, and risks further scandal due to his (allegedly) errant son.

And Iran are looking to exploit US corona distractions, and perhaps also distract from their own corona crisis, with a bit of old-fashioned provocation.

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