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Newsletter 25th October 2020

The "Can we put the clock back five years?" edition

Now, can they prove crisps are a health food?

Working from home not good enough for you? How about working from anywhere? It’s inevitable apparently, only a matter of time. So you better make sure you are ready.

Good news on the health front: sitting about on your behind isn’t bad for you after all; and all you have to do to keep fit is walk about. But what about those that have taken WFH as an excuse to work while lying in bed, and to never leave the house?

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are darker than ever, and there is nowhere to go anyway. We could all use some advice on how to cheer ourselves up under these circumstances.

Nothing is real...

The latest Covid shortage is ‘leisurewear’, which I believe is sportswear that people use to loaf around in, so ‘repurposed’ if you will.

However material goods are very much yesterday’s thing. Only intangibles can explain the stock market and accountants are attempting to catch up.

You're not meant to make them as stupid as us...

Fans of schadenfreude will be pleased to learn that the IT guys are no longer making out like bandits.

Some people have apparently been using lockdown as an opportunity to post fake reviews on Amazon. I suppose it’s a hobby of sorts. Next you'll be telling me TripAdvisor reviews are written by entitled idiots that think complaining about the softness of towels demonstrates their 'class'.

In a story that is likely to run and run on both sides of the Atlantic, Google is being challenged on its market dominance.

Artificial intelligence is rubbish and can be gamed by CEOs using different words. So just like real people then.

The curious business model of patent trolls.

If you haven’t heard of the DSA you will. The EU is back in the internet regulation business.

Maybe space isn’t the final frontier after all; the bottom of the ocean is still a mystery and may contain stuff we want.

The Art of the Deal

There are American hostages in Syria and Trump might still be in charge of negotiating their release. It’s a tricky job requiring finesse and insight, and not being gulled by dictators...

There’s a secret pipeline between Iran and Israel! Well ‘secret’ as in 'no one talks about it', not 'nobody knows about it'.

We are now living in a world where one world leader can prompt a diplomatic hissy-fit by suggesting another leader is mentally ill, while across the Atlantic that kind of breach of etiquette no longer even makes the news. The French still think it’s 2015.

"Yes, that sounds completely reasonable..."

QAnon continues to demonstrate its warped genius. You can delve into the murky evidence here.

Someone is trying to make kids more savvy in the face of this tsunami of social media nonsense. Unfortunately, this is only going to appeal to the kind of people who are unlikely to fall for it in the first place.

Even allowing for poorly framed or leading questions, the statistics on susceptibility are worrying, both in the UK and the USA.

It’s little wonder people are stocking up on armoured vests.

Isn't it made from seaweed?

With all that’s going on there is something almost charming and reassuring about Italy and France bickering about a mountain. But what if this is what turns out to kick off WWIII?

If you’re the kind of person frustrated by broken McDonald’s ice-cream machines, this is for you.

Beer from bread is going to save the planet and make everything OK.

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