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Newsletter 24th May 2020

Have you had a haircut yet?

Can I play with madness?

It's fashionable these days to be totally irrational rather than waste time learning facts and applying logic. Evidence of this trend is all around us. Collapsing markets and lockdown boredom are driving a widespread conviction that there is easy money to be made trading stocks.

You may remember that before the corona virus infected all news sources there was something called Brexit. Well, Brexit is back, and it's not going well.

If those aren't crazy enough for you, maybe you need to go the whole hog and go down the QAnon rabbit hole.

Make up your mind

Last month there was panic in the oil market, with negative prices, production gluts and storage problems. Well forget all that, everything is fine again.

You may also recall some concern about the supply of wheat, but it turns out that not only is there enough wheat after all, there is too much. There's also far too much barley because we're not drinking enough beer. Which is at least good news for the pigs.

Humans aren't the only ones beset by a worldwide virus, but unfortunately for bananas lockdown isn't an option.

Lest we forget, human beings are also a commodity for some people, and the surplus in Africa is building again. However, if the US is any guide, that surplus may be required to compensate for deficits elsewhere.

Sit and swivel

OK, the new way of working means we are all going to have to move to the suburbs, or at least those of us that aren't here already. At least you might get a deal on a really comfortable chair.

Trumping Trump

You can understand their problem: you get elected to lead your country on a populist anti-establishment platform, and suddenly you are the establishment. So what to do? Bolsonaro is taking the example of his role-model and running with it, becoming an opposition to his own government.

With cases rising dramatically and logistical problems inhibiting the response, Jair decided to grab a coke and a hot dog. At least the reaction from his critics was suitably sober and understated.

Putin himself first

With all the irritating problems assailing him at the moment, Vlad is cheering himself up by pushing forward with a referendum which will see him rule forever. Mwah hah ha!

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