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Newsletter 23rd August 2020

The 'Is It Getting Better Or Worse?' edition

Quick, pass me that pencil...

Covid means some smart cookies might just skip university altogether and go straight into the world of work. Hmmm, maybe not so smart after all.

In dystopian news, your return to work may involve your boss trying to fake a 'real' conversation, but if you stay at home you might have to 'schedule the fun'. And for the truly lost soul there is the possibility to recreate your cubicle at home.

If you're struggling to get through it, perhaps you need some tough love.

Or you could just try the secret of happiness. Oh didn't I mention it? Yes, they've solved it, we're done. All you have to do is walk around with a pencil in your mouth.

A new life of lease...

Sometimes it seems business isn't about innovation so much as taking one good idea and flogging it to death, with the pat "It's like X but for Y" elevator pitch. Such is the case with subscriptions (don't call it renting) which you can do with just about everything now.

One particularly interesting case is with electric car batteries.

Alexa, am I p****d?

Do you have trouble telling if you are drunk? No, I didn't think so. But if you did your phone could help.

More useful news from Finland where they've solved hangovers.

Why don't the killjoys bring back prohibition and be done with it? One drink, who has one drink?

We could all drink cannabidiols instead. It has none of the nasty effects, but none of the good ones either it seems.

As in so many other situations Angela is the only one between Western civilisation and the abyss. She has the right idea: drink more wine, even if it is German.

Just because we said it doesn't mean we meant it, silly!

Remember last year when business decided it was time to start caring about stakeholders? Well, board approval and corporate governance suggest it was just words. Nice words, but just words.

Meanwhile CEOs continue to enjoy some nice numbers instead.

One more degree and I'm out of here

Scientists can now predict how lazy you are going to be based on the temperature alone. As it gets hotter we're just not going to have as much stuff.

Get ready to hear a lot more about degrowth as the ascetics seize their moment.

We've broken the jet stream, and no one has the manual.

And the poor old oil companies don't know if it's worth bothering anymore.

Stop reading the Agatha Christies, Vlad

It would be churlish to deny Trump credit for the Israel/UAE accord, which is why we liked this article saying it's all down to Biden.

Erdogan is excited about his gas, which is apparently cause for international 'hailing'.

The Kuwaitis have managed to get in a strange pickle.

What is it with Russians and poison? We need a Miss Marplov.

In a world stripped of so many of the old certainties it's good to see one 'strongman' keeping it old school.

Are you sure it sarcasm and it's not just being ironic?

If you are one of those people that get really annoyed by people not wearing masks then this might be the product for you.

Did you know there are actually two foots afoot in the US? So one of them must be big foot.

If you attract mosquitoes, finally some good news - 750 million more mosquitoes.

There's no story here, just a funny name.

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