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Newsletter 20th September 2020

The "How many waves are there going to be?" edition

You do the hokey cokey...

For masochists, more on working from home. JP Morgan forced people back to the office because they were just messing about at home, then had to send them home again. There is a backlash against WFH, and a backlash against the backlash.

The real problem is the effect on corporate culture. But the CIA has some advice on how to make that work from home too.

Whether you are at home or in the office, you could consider whether your CEO's pay is actually a kind of Ponzi scheme. Or work out whether your beliefs are holding back your networking skills.

Still, the say worse things happen at sea, and it seems it's actually true.

That sinking feeling

Who among us hasn't wished they could be somewhere else when they feel a bit down? But moving an entire city is just ridiculous.

Vlad company

We all have a friend like this. You can't really remember why you became friends in the first place, you dread them coming round because they're a bit of an embarrassment, but you carry on from some sense of loyalty. And they always need a favour.

Clouds underwater!

Microsoft is going to solve the global server problem by dropping them in the sea, and it might just work.

Have you been googling for info on your stomach pain? You'll probably get Corona in about a month. You're welcome!

,Alongside Covid, Trump and Brexit, if you haven't been worrying whether the internet has developed consciousness, it's time you started.

Well it's not a secret now, is it?

A secret Tibetan army challenged my stereotypes. But it seems I have Buddhism all wrong.

If this is the future you're welcome to it

Actually the commute doesn't sound so bad, though a bit like a triathlon.

Paying to perform to each other? Hmmm, not so good.

Having to watch other people on holiday? No thanks!

Well Brits love to queue...

It's only a matter of time before someone you know gets it.

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