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Newsletter 16th August 2020

The 'Cucumber Time' edition

Of course, it's the snacks, always the snacks...

If you're heading back to the office you'll be needing some tips for sure, or at the very least a hastily compiled filler article. Those of you still at home might require surveilling to make sure you're behaving. Which is why we need the trust economy. No, really...

I hope you all take this advice to make your online conferences more fun.

In 'just when you think you've heard it all' news, we have needy dogs.

If it cuts my Strava times I'm in...

What have the authoritarians been up to? Well China is hatching a competitor for GPS.

Putin has ploughed on with his premature vaccine plans, to which there might just be an element of propaganda.

Not content with dabbling in Libya, Macron is getting feisty with Turkey. (For the absence of doubt, Erdogan is the authoritarian.)

I'm afraid we just have anchovies left...

Coffee's problems might be bigger than just the corona disruption. What are middle-class drug addicts going to do now?

The unlikely supply chain problems just keep coming. What are overweight gamers going to eat now?

OK the apes I can just about accept, but jawed fish?!

All you need to know about the search for a vaccine. Unless, you know, you're actually looking for a vaccine.

Can you hear the drums echoing tonight?

South Africa's problems go beyond the corona virus and they're running out of time.

What do you expect if you answer and email offering you cheap government bonds?

I've just discovered 'hodge podge' is a soup

This contains lots of fun facts about electric cars to bore your friends with.

The typeface here is clearer than the writing, but a nice illustration of how even really dull things have to be thought about and developed and then taken for granted.

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between alcohol and innovation? No, me neither, which is perhaps why I'm not an academic. Anyway, it's not good. Or maybe it's fine but you get lost on the way to the patent office.

Are you scared of flying? If I told you 747's still use floppy discs would that make you feel better?

Doomscrolling! So that's what it's called.

If someone close to you or, god forbid, you have been radicalised by Q, help is at hand.

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