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Newsletter 13th September 2020

The "Breaking the law in a specific and limited way" edition

Is that a...chicken?

There's still a flow of articles worrying about the ramifications of working from home, the angst, the tech overload, the despair!

But some are bucking the trend by suggesting banks want people back and the future will be much like the past. Cue a pivot to a flurry of articles on "Working From Home - How did we get it so wrong?", or more plaintively, perhaps "The betrayed hope of working from home".

It's not surprising people are turning to chicken-breeding.

If you do go back to the office be sure to turn down meetings because you're not important enough - like that's going to happen.

Never mind the fires, check out the graphics...

When I'm being told how screwed we are, I like it to be delivered in nice graphics.

At least capitalism is off the hook, and the Germans are adapting to the dwindling Rhine.

'Data Wars' doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

The US-China tech dispute is really an epoch-defining battle which will shape our future.

Inside the curious world of one-star reviews.

If you're sick of people hanging up on you because they think you are a cold caller then google has the solution.

What do you mean you're not cured??

It seems that the Russian Covid vaccine may not be all that. Who'd have thought?

Vlad has other things to worry about with local elections which may give his party a bloody nose.

Now I understand...everything!

This is a bit geeky but gives an insight into how online conspiracies function.

Those conspiracies are growing in popularity in Europe too, making UFO nutters seem quite benign and old-fashioned.

But if it is broke, how do you fix it?

The Eastern Med continues to bubble (not literally, obviously), with that old chestnut of EU-solidarity raising it's spiky, green face again. Unfortunately Erdogan has those refugees as a 'bargaining chip'.

Further east things are even bleaker. When things are broken beyond repair, what happens next? I mean life goes on, right?

Food poverty makes you fat

This isn't funny. One of the things that the Corona crisis is highlighting is that people who struggle to afford food are reduced to buying food that is poor quality, causing knock-on health problems.

The harder you work the luckier you get?

For an idea that seems on the surface to be self-evidently a 'good thing', the gradual fall from grace of meritocracy is fascinating and worrying. The chances of it being replaced by something progressive are likely to be slimmer than of regressive tendencies prevailing.

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