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Newsletter 12th July 2020

The Great Face Mask U-turn edition

I would prefer not to

You might not be ready to go back to the office, or you feel unsafe doing so, but you don't know exactly how to address this with your manager. Help is at hand.

If you do return you may feel guilty that you're still there while others aren't (they've been fired, they're not dead, don't worry!). You might require a morale boost.

What won't have changed is there will still be a certain amount of bullshit to deal with. It will take more than a virus to kill that. So what should you do?

However, no matter how bad things seem, you are unlikely to face the challenges this guy does. How do you get that on a Gantt chart? Oh, everyone's agile these days of course. Well imagine raising that in your daily scrum.

Let's not do the Time Warp again

Conflicting views on the longer-term impact of Covid continue to abound. Some think that it will drive a global religious revival. Others think that it will spark a return to rationality and a rejection of populism.

[One of our favourite populists had his own brush with reality this week.]

And the lockdown may be messing with our conception of time itself.

You win, again...

Donald Trump isn't the only world leader to have a relation turn on him this week. Even in rigidly controlled Singapore opposition is rising, and from an unlikely source. Or perhaps a likely one if you take a psychological view.

It didn't stop a thumping win for the government, but there were signs that discontent is growing.

There's a what??

This week we added two things to the list of things we didn't know existed. We'd heard of gold reserves, and we'd heard of currency reserves, but we'd never heard of pork reserves. And we'll never eat coconut again now we know about the slave monkeys.

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