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Newsletter 11th October 2020

The "Don't let it dominate you" edition

Why didn't we think of this earlier?

I’d expect advocates of WFH, and even people lobbying for it, but activists? Anyway, this completely unbiased report makes it sound as great as blockchain. European banks are on side at least.

If you’re a manager of a remote team then you’ll be needing some tips on how to get them working together.

And whether you are at home or in the office, using jargon makes you sound like a loser.

What kind of fools does he think we are?

A pleasing week for Vlad as he saw his minions be disingenuous in the ‘Tiergarten’ trial – a bit of blatantly transparent denial always makes him chuckle – and fool Danish MPs. All grist to the geopolitical mastermind mill.

Actually this isn't that surprising...

Citibank’s IT department isn’t the first place you’d look for a ringleader of the QAnon conspiracy. And now Facebook isn’t either. But how effective will their ban be in stopping the spread of this barmiest, most pernicious knotweed of a conspiracy theory?

A far away country of which we know little...

There doesn’t seem to be a regional conflict that Erdogan doesn’t fancy getting involved in these days. And that often pits him against Vlad.

It looks like the touted truce in Nagorno-Karabakh is destined to be honoured more in the breach.

If you’d like an antidote to familiar tropes of ancient blood feuds in the Caucasus, this might do the trick.

Dire Strait

It’s unlikely to happen but what would be the consequences if China attacked Taiwan? Here’s some speculation. There’s so many things to worry about in the world these days, one more isn’t going to make much difference. watch other people...playing computer games?

If you’re an old git like me who looks with disdain on the world of what I still refer to as ‘video games’, you’ll be gobsmacked at the size of the industry.

A less successful industry is podcasting. It seems everyone has one these days, but it’s difficult to monetise spouting off to strangers.

Apparently you can literally make diamonds from thin air.

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