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Newsletter 10th May 2020

A selection of the finest stories from the week

So it's all back to normal?

Drunken sailors

A good way to spend time during lockdown is to write articles about what the world will be like when it's all over. Usually this bears an uncanny resemblance to a world where the writer's personal hobby horse is finally implemented. This effort is more interesting than most.

One thing that even stuffy old economists seem to be coming round to is more and more debt. Suddenly everyone is a hyper-Keynesian and the best part is there is no need to worry.

And if you are worried there's always bitcoin. Yes, it's still around and it's bubbling again.

Back in your box?

One thing everyone agrees will change is office life. But while some people think it's over, others can't wait to get back. So maybe we can expect it to be a messy and complicated mix of both.

Autocrat Watch

Mohammed bin Salman has managed to put himself at the mercy of Donald Trump. Not a good place for anyone to be.

Meanwhile Erdogan has been busy in Libya and it's going well.

Whenever Putin wants to forget all his worries he doesn't need to go downtown. He just needs a chat with his old mucker Donald to reassure him he isn't actually doing that thing he's definitely doing.

Not just like china in his hands, literally China in his hands

Another thing everyone agrees will never be the same again is the relationship with China. For Trump that means cutting supply chains.

Bullet-headed military man HR McMaster has a more nuanced take, but that too isn't without its flaws.

Unsound FX

Lebanon is finding that protecting your currency from a massive meltdown now has technology implications.

In Turkey it's more traditional targets that are being restricted.

There's an app for what?

Another day, another popular app with problems. But first I have to grasp that it exists at all. I feel so old.

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